Five William Hill Sportsbook Promo Offers for This Week

Five William Hill Sportsbook Promo Offers for This Week

It is a big week for sportsbook offers with William Hill. We’re one short of a six pack, but we can certainly enjoy these five promotions with a cold one or two while watching our bets play out.

There are going to be a lot of new sportsbook promotions and offers in advance of the NFL season and whatever we get lucky enough to get for college football. The competition for betting dollars in the legal sports wagering world is very fierce and that is good for the consumer.

If you don’t have an account with William Hill, this is a good week to consider signing up for one so that you can catch a piece of these promotions.

Let’s start with the earliest ones, which are either going off today or begin today:

20 Points for 2020

This specific promotion applies to the game between the Indiana Pacers and the Houston Rockets on Wednesday August 12. Make a straight bet on the spread of at least $50 on either side in the game and you will automatically be entered into this promotion.

You will receive $1 in cash credit for every point above 20 scored by any player on the team that you bet. So if you bet on the Rockets and James Harden scores 40 points, that would be $20 in cash credits. If Harden scores 40 and Russell Westbrook scores 27, you would get $20 in cash credits from Harden and $7 in cash credits from Westbrook.

If you bet on the Pacers and Harden and Westbrook go off, you won’t get anything for them, but you could lose your bet and still win cash credits if TJ Warren were to score more than 20 points.

This is a 4 p.m. ET tip-off, so you’ll want to jump in on this one early!

Multi-Sport Money Club

This promotion is valid from August 12-25, so you have some time with this one. Place a three-sport parlay wager and you will receive a cash credit equal to 20% of your qualifying bet. The minimum cumulative parlay bet amount is $50, so your minimum cash credit bonus would be $10.

The maximum cash credit amount is $25, so keep that in mind. At 20%, that would be a $125 parlay wager, so you would be wise not to risk more than that so you can maximize the bonus offer. The total parlay odds must be at least +100 in order to qualify.

The eligible sports for the parlays are MLB, NBA, NHL, and professional soccer.

This promotion kicks in once per week over the two weeks, so you don’t have to bet all of your money at once. You just have to add up to that point over the week.

Power Play-offs

This is an NHL-specific promotion. It actually started on August 11, but it will run through August 18. Place a $35 or more straight bet on a money line wager. If your bet wins, you will earn a $5 cash bonus per power play goal scored by the team that you bet on. If your team wins, you’ll get a $10 cash bonus per shorthanded goal that they score.

This is pretty straightforward with fewer terms and conditions. You can do this on every game of the playoffs, but only once per game. This is a sweet little incentive to pick the right side, isn’t it?

Big Blast Boost

This is a specific promotion for the August 13 game between the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets. If you place a $20 pregame wager on the money line on either team, you will earn a $10 cash bonus for each home run hit by the specified star players for your side.

If you bet on the Washington Nationals, your players are Juan Soto and Victor Robles. If you bet on the New York Mets, your players are Michael Conforto and Pete Alonso.

Unlike the NHL promotion, your team does not have to win for the cash bonus to be awarded.

You CANNOT bet both sides of the game. You must pick one or the other and hope your players go deep. Remember, this is just a $20 pregame wager to activate the promotion.

Bullpen Bucks

Finally, see if you can have a Sunday Funday in spite of a bad baseball beat on August 16. With the Bullpen Bucks promo, you can earn cash back if you get burned by a bullpen on a money line wager.

In order to be eligible for this promotion, you have to bet at least $25 on a pregame money line wager. If your wager loses, you can earn $1 cash back for each run let up by your team’s bullpen after the 4th inning. The cash back bonus will be increased to $2 for any runs given up in the 9th inning.

Your first wager for each game qualifies, so you can be eligible for this promotion for as many games on the card as you want, but the maximum bonus amount that you can win is $50 on the Sunday August 16 card.

Sign Up at William Hill

There you go. Five bonus offers for this week from the fine folks at William Hill. These bonuses are eligible for users in New Jersey. If you don’t have an account, sign up now with our exclusive link or bonus code and you can get up to a $150 Match Bonus and you’ll also get a free $10 just for signing up with a No-Deposit Free Bet.

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