Bet On MLB! Free $25 For Registering At BetAmerica For All Indiana Players!

Bet On MLB! Free $25 For Registering At BetAmerica For All Indiana Players!

The National Anthem refers to the United States of America as the home of the free and the land of the brave. Well, BetAmerica is the land of the free money, at least for new sign-ups in the state of Indiana.

There is an excellent offer going on at BetAmerica right now in the Hoosier State that allows users to get a free $25 to see how the site works and take a look around. The promo code FREE25 is all that you have to enter in order to take advantage of this outstanding offer. You don’t even have to make a deposit. You just have to sign up for an account.

Register Now By Clicking Here & Qualify

It goes without saying, but $25 can go a long way. If you’ve been down to your last $25 at the blackjack table and run it up to your original buy-in or you’ve gone on that heater at the craps table, you know exactly what we are talking about.

Who knows what will happen with your free $25. You might put it all on one game and lose. You might win your first bet, go double or nothing on your second and lose. You might put together a nice long string of bets and have a nice chunk of change left over. Whatever happens, it doesn’t really matter because it is FREE MONEY and you get it instantly.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions on what you can bet on and what you can’t. For what it’s worth, certain types of parlays with four or fewer legs are acceptable wagers under the T&C of the promotion, so you really could turn that $25 into something pretty impressive.

The free bet amount cannot be withdrawn, but winnings can be, so if you ran your $25 free bet up to $50 or $100, you can withdraw the earnings, but not the original $25. Winnings are automatically deemed cash, so they are eligible for new wagers. The Free Bet is in your Bonus Balance, so you easily differentiate between the two.

The next layer of the BetAmerica promotion is this. After you sign up and get your free $25, you are eligible to make a qualifying deposit within seven days and receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $100.

BetAmerica may have its roots in horse racing, but ever since the invalidation of PASPA back on May 14, 2018, BetAmerica has expanded its offerings to include betting on all of the major North American and global sports. If you can’t find something at BetAmerica, you aren’t looking hard enough.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look hard to find the free $25 promotion or the accompanying deposit bonus. Sign up now!

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