$3 Free Bets for Made 3-Pointers – PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Offer

$3 Free Bets for Made 3-Pointers – PointsBet Sportsbook Promo Offer

PointsBet Sportsbook has some really interesting NBA promotions going on this week. The NBA bubble has provided a lot of opportunities for wagering and the NBA Playoffs are going to heighten the excitement that much more.

Speaking of heightened excitement, how about this NBA Playoffs promotion from PointsBet Sportsbook? If you’ve been following along with our sportsbook promotions articles, you’ve seen the Make It Rain promotion. Well, you can Make It Rain with free bets on the selected spotlight games coming up this week in the NBA postseason.

Here’s how it works. Place a minimum $50 pregame spread bet on the selected game of the day. You’ll automatically be eligible for the promotion and receive $3 in free bets for every three-pointer that your team makes. In other words, 3 for 3. $3 for each 3-pointer.

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The spotlight games are the following:

8/20 – Rockets vs. Thunder

8/21 – Raptors vs. Nets

8/22 – Bucks vs. Magic

8/23 – Celtics vs. 76ers

8/24 – Bucks vs. Magic

Each three-pointer hit by the team that you bet on will get you $3 in free bets.

That’s not all. The PointsBet “Karma Kommittee” is on the lookout for the worst beat of the day. When Kristaps Porzingis got ejected from Game 1, it ruined all of his prop bet wagers. So, PointsBet, feeling generous, executed a “Good Karma Payout” for all affected bettors with some free bets.

You may get lucky and be part of the Karma Kommittee “Good Karma Payout” of the day. You won’t know until you lock in your wagers and see how it all plays out, but it is possible, so long as you have a bet on something. If it goes awry, you might be the winner.

The Karma Kommittee discusses at 7 a.m. ET and you’ll have your answer shortly thereafter.

If you don’t have an account with PointsBet Sportsbook and live in Indiana, New Jersey, or Iowa, you better get on that so you can take advantage of this and every Make It Rain promotion. You’ll also be able to take advantage of up to $1500 in free bets with your first deposit, so you should probably sign up now!

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