Mr Green Sportsbook Review & Deposit Promo, Signup Bonus

If you want a sportsbook with a lot of personality, Mr Green fits the bill. Licensed in Malta, Mr Green is a top-rated sportsbook for players from around the world, including Canada. This is a sportsbook that launched in 2008 and takes a firm stance on taking care of its customers.

With three core statements, all of the betting odds that you would expect to see across the industry, and a gambling experience that you aren’t going to get anywhere else, Mr Green is as unique as the name itself. Technological advances in 2017 took Mr Green to the next level and this has become an industry leader on the cutting edge in so many different ways.

Before you become a friend of Mr Green, there are some questions that need answers and some things that we need to talk about. We review a lot of sportsbooks across the business and each one has its own characteristics and attributes. Let us tell you about some of them at Mr Green.

Core Statements

Every business should have a system of beliefs. Something that resonates from the highest levels of the company down to the clientele and with everybody in between. At Mr Green, there are three core statements that speak to how this online sports betting site treats its players.

“Our customers should always be in full control of their gaming.”

“Our customers should never gamble with more than they can realistically afford.”

“Gambling with Mr Green must never feel anything less than 100% safe.”

The sports betting industry is a cutthroat world. There are a lot of dollars up for grabs. Some sportsbooks care only about the bottom line and they don’t care who gets run over in the process. Not Mr Green. They put limits on transfers so that you can never lose too much money. They go the extra mile to ensure that their encryption technology is far-reaching and in line with the top sportsbooks in the world.

Also, with those technological improvements in 2017, Mr Green began conducting evaluations of gambling behaviors so that they could cut off any irresponsible behavior at the pass, including gambling addiction. A sportsbook that looks out for its players like that is one that can develop a very trustworthy reputation.

Oh, and one last thing. Mr Green has partnered with the University of Malta and the International Ocean Institute to help “Clean the Sea” with a goal of improving conditions in the Mediterranean Sea. Nobody wants to lose, but if you do, you can take some solace in the fact that some of your losses may be going to a good cause.

Winning Some Green

Everybody’s goal when signing up at a sportsbook is to win money. Mr Green offers betting odds on all of the major sports markets. With such a heavy focus on the European markets, you will be hard-pressed to find a better sportsbook for betting on soccer. All of the leagues that you would expect to see are listed and you can toggle back and forth between American odds, European (Decimal) odds, or Fractional odds.

Mr Green isn’t just about the European markets and leagues. All of the major North American leagues are listed as well, with NFL and college football, hockey, the PGA Tour, UFC, NBA, MLB, and college basketball. There are a lot of different options for betting because this is a worldwide brand and that means the ability to bet on any and everything.

The sportsbook layout can be a little bit jumbled and confusing at Mr Green. It can be a little bit challenging at times to find exactly what you want, but that can be a side effect of having so many different betting markets. There is only so much room on the page, so this is less of a criticism and more of a commentary on how much they have to offer.

Sign Up, Deposit, & Withdrawal

The process of getting signed up and set up at Mr Green is a breeze. Once you enter all of the relevant personal information and register, you can look into making your first deposit. Mr Green takes deposits via debit and credit card (where it is permissible), bank transfers, Neteller, Skrill, or Paysafe Cards. Customer service is available if you’d like to try and make any other arrangements or run into any issues.

When it comes to withdrawals, Mr Green prefers that you use the same method that you used for a deposit. The processing period for withdrawals is contingent on the method that you selected. They try to process withdrawals as quickly as possible and if you use the same method that you used for a deposit, the process will move a lot quicker.

Promotions and Bonuses

Mr Green offers a sign-up bonus and we’ve partnered with them to give our readers the best current offers at any given time. There are plenty of daily and weekly promotions available for the sportsbook and also the Mr Green casino. There are weekly prize giveaways and tournaments. There are free bets. There are monthly games in the casino that draw extra attention for bonuses.

You’ll just have to take a look and see what the current offers are. Some change every month. Others are pretty static. Just know that there are a lot of options.

Mr Green Casino

The Mr Green casino is almost like a maze that you can get lost in. There are so many games available, ranging from virtual slot machines and animated table games to the Live Casino. Unfortunately, one drawback of the Mr Green casino is that it is limited on table games, primarily only offering roulette in the animated casino.

Fortunately, the Live Dealer casino is loaded with 13 different blackjack variations. That means that you can definitely get your fill of blackjack and you can also get it in a manner that simulates a live casino experience. Five additional roulette versions are in the Live Casino.


Mr Green provides a really unique spin in terms of the online gambling experience. It is a sportsbook that almost, in some respects, seems to care too much about the player. That being said, it is great to know that you are not going to be able to exceed your limits and that the new technology is aware enough to see when something is happening that shouldn’t.

All of the betting odds that you would be looking for are listed at Mr Green and this is an excellent sportsbook for those tuned towards the international sports betting markets. All of the North American sports are listed as well, so you won’t be left out in the cold in that regard.

All in all, you should want to be friends with Mr Green.