BetOnline Sportsbook Review & Signup Promo

Twenty years is a long time. That is about how long BetOnline Sportsbook has been providing an outstanding betting experience for its users. Their dedication to delivering the most exciting and dynamic experiences in online gaming have allowed them to be a thriving, one-stop shop with a booming sportsbook, a busy casino, a bustling poker room, and a lively racebook.

BetOnline has also been an innovator, serving as the first sportsbook to open up weekly college football betting odds worldwide and the first to open many props and futures markets. You know that a sportsbook is the real deal when it has the confidence to put itself on the line like that and that is precisely what BetOnline is willing to do.

It is hard to find a bad word uttered about BetOnline. Licensed in Malta, this is a site open to bettors around the globe and a high-trafficked, extremely popular sports betting hub for bettors or all bankrolls and skill levels. BetOnline has morphed into a sportsbook willing to take action on just about everything and that is why it is a top-rated site for Canadians and also bettors from around the planet.

If that glowing introduction wasn’t enough to sell you, we’ve got a lot more to say. There are a lot of things to review with BetOnline because there are a lot of things that you can do at BetOnline. With that in mind, let’s expand on some of what has already been said and introduce some more reasons to sign up.

Safe. Reputable. Trustworthy.

Lots of betting options and all the amenities like a casino, poker room, and racebook are great, but people still have to want to wager with you. That requires some promises and some commitments. For BetOnline, that means a commitment to safety and security. BetOnline is a trusted, reputable online betting site in so many ways.

The early line releases mentioned above are just one part of the equation, but they say a lot. Nothing displays trustworthiness like a sportsbook willing to put itself on the line. By willing to take some early exposure and some early positions, BetOnline is welcoming some of the sharpest action from the betting world.

We’ll talk more about it in a bit, but BetOnline won’t hold your money hostage. They have fast payouts and get you your money when you want it. A very high level of encryption technology also keeps your money and your personal information safe and secure. Reputation is everything in this business because there are so many choices for gamblers. You have to stand out from the crowd and BetOnline does that with the way that it operates in every facet of the business.

An Industry Leader

The BetOnline Sportsbook is the envy of a lot of risk managers and bookmakers. Those in charge at BetOnline understand the importance of being first to market for a lot of sports and events. That information can be invaluable in the bookmaking process, but it will also entice people to sign up and bet with them. BetOnline also utilizes Dime Lines for MLB, which is far from the industry standard. Most sportsbooks are doing 15-cent or even 20-cent lines in MLB. By offering 10-cent lines, BetOnline is giving players a much fairer chance of winning. They also offer reduced juice on NHL odds, which is something that stands out among Canada sportsbooks.

BetOnline also offers up a lot of Entertainment and Politics betting markets that you won’t see anywhere else. There are tons of prop options for football and basketball, including a Make Your Own Props section. When you start adding all of this stuff up in the aggregate, it is not out of the realm of possibility to say that BetOnline just might be the best online sportsbook in the world.

They have also raised their limits in certain betting markets. They are attempting to strike while the iron is hot when other sportsbooks are limiting players or are being afraid to pay out. BetOnline is embracing that action and that risk and you have to appreciate that.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin fans are going to love BetOnline. It is the preferred method of deposit at a lot of sportsbooks these days, but BetOnline offers a lot of great deposit bonuses and reload bonuses for those that sign up with Bitcoin. That doesn’t mean that BOL exclusively takes Bitcoin. Far from it.

For fans of other cryptocurrencies, BOL also takes Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. They also take the far more traditional methods of deposit like Visa or Mastercard, bank transfers, ACH/e-checks, Cashier’s Check, Person-To-Person, or Money Order.

When it comes to withdrawal options for payouts, BetOnline would prefer that you use the same method that you used for deposit and also prefers that you use Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, and Ethereum are options, but you can also get a bank wire, a check by courier, or Person-To-Person.

The fees are dependent on the method of deposit and withdrawal, but BTC payouts have no fees and are also processed almost immediately. BetOnline has a detailed FAQ section and step-by-step instructions to using BTC for your transfers.

Bonuses & Promotions

Continuing with the ever-present theme of how BetOnline is ahead of the game, their Lifetime Bonus Guarantee is available on every deposit that you make. There are a lot of extra bonus promotions and contests that customers can opt into as well, including free play for trying in-game betting or using the mobile site.

BetOnline has a generous Refer-a-Friend bonus program as well. Promotions are always coming and going, but BetOnline has a lot posted on the regular and a lot that never go away. Again, this is a sportsbook that wants to embrace your action and they’re going to do whatever they can to help get it.

Casino, Poker, and Racebook

If you could design a Las Vegas resort, what would it have? Well, it might not look like your house and maybe the pool would be a little bit bigger, but the gambling side would include everything, right? That is what BetOnline has. The casino features tons of slot machines, video poker games, table games, and different gaming options. There is also a Live Casino that simulates the feeling of sitting right there at the table.

The Poker Room is actually among the best in the business. Play money, real money, cash games, turbo tournaments, sit-n-gos, and much larger, multi-table tournaments are all in the BetOnline poker room. The Bad Beat Jackpot can also be rather lucrative and was given out just a few short weeks prior to the completion of this sportsbook review. There was even some question about how the hand played out due a lag and a computer glitch, but BetOnline made good on the Bad Beat Jackpot in another example of how they uphold their reputation.

The 7% rebate in the Racebook is a little bit lower than the industry standard, but every major race track is listed and it is just another amenity that BetOnline is happy to provide.

BetOnline? More Like BestOnline!

In so many ways, BetOnline is the best online gambling site in the world. The way that they are willing to go the extra mile in just about every area of the site is a refreshing change of pace in the gaming industry. Their customer service, both on the site and on social media, is very responsive and disputes are settled in a timely and fair manner.

Between the bonuses, the early lines, the high limits, the casino, the poker room, the racebook, the dime lines, the reduced juice…the everything. BetOnline has everything. Period. It is a top-rated sportsbook in Canada and around the world for so many different reasons and you are not going to be disappointed when you sign up and deposit.