Sports Betting Canada – Best Online Sportsbooks For CA In 2020

Canadians are very passionate sports fans. A lot of it comes from national pride, but a good portion of it also comes from a strong desire to bet on the games they love. There are a lot of places for Canadians to bet on sports, but it isn’t always easy to know which places are the best.

With our sportsbook reviews exclusively for Canada, we will fill you in on the places with the fairest odds, the best deposit and withdrawal methods, and the most attractive bonus offers and promotions so that you don’t get caught out in the cold when betting sports from the Great White North.v

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  • Sports Interaction, better known as SIA, is arguably Canada’s most trusted sportsbook. Licensed in the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake in Canada, SIA has been in operation since 1996 and has a longstanding history of integrity, responsibility, and first-class service. SIA has fair odds across global betting markets, especially those in North America with a heavy focus on the NHL, NBA, NFL, college football, college basketball, CFL, WNBA, and PGA Tour, but also embraces international and European sports like UFC, MMA, European Tour golf, tennis, soccer, and so much more. With a cutting-edge casino and poker room to go along with one of the most reputable sportsbooks in the betting world, SIA is not only a trailblazer, but an all-inclusive gaming site that has stood the test of time by continually setting the bar higher and higher. Read More
  • Spin Sports is licensed in Malta and has one of the most extensive lists of sports betting odds that we have ever seen. A partnership with gaming giant SBTech allows Spin Sports to keep everything together in orderly fashion, despite wagering 24/7 around the clock in all sorts of global betting markets. State-of-the-art SSL encryption technology keeps all of your personal and financial information safe and secure. No corners get cut at Spin Sports and this is a sportsbook that will cater to the action junkie that wants to bet on anything and everything if he or she feels like an edge can be found. A very manageable rollover requirement and menus full of betting odds are the two biggest selling points for this online betting hub, but the Spin Casino and the outstanding inPLAY live betting interface have also drawn rave reviews. Read More
  • PowerPlay Sportsbook and Online Casino launched in 2018 with a clear vision to be an industry leader in a short period of time. It has lived up to that promise by making promises to the players that are upheld at every turn. PowerPlay has fair odds, tons of casino games, including slot machines and blackjack variations, and even offers virtual sports like horse racing, greyhound racing, soccer matches, and tennis action. There are no shortage of betting opportunities with this top-rated Canadian Sportsbook and the focus on the player shines through. Deposits and withdrawals are processed quickly during business hours and come with no fees in most cases. You aren’t going to find that with a lot of other online sportsbooks and that is why it has our seal of approval at ATS. Read More
  • Mr Green is as unique of a sports betting site as the name would imply. With a passion for green initiatives and giving back, the name serves multiple purposes as a place where you feel like you can be a friend with a brand, in this case, Mr Green, while also still fulfilling your quest to win some green. The sportsbook is tailored a little bit more towards the European sports betting markets than the North American ones, but this is still a great sports betting experience in so many different ways. There are a lot of odds posted on a daily basis and a lot of daily and weekly promotions and bonuses. With a commitment to responsible gaming and three core statements and beliefs that instill a level of trust and safety, you can bet with peace of mind at Mr Green. Read More
  • BetRegal – Boasting fair odds and a betting experience fit for a king, BetRegal Sportsbook and Casino follows through on its promises with low margins in the sportsbook and a plethora of playing options in the casino. Whether you want to go the instant win route with scratchcards or take some spins on an animated slot machine, those methods of play are front and center. But, it is the sportsbook that stands out. Living up to its BetRegal name with the colors of royalty, the user interface is simple to navigate, crisp, and clean. Fair odds and low margins are the biggest selling points of BetRegal because those create an all-inclusive environment that bettors of all bankroll sizes and skill levels will be able to embrace. BetRegal also has one of the longest lists of deposit methods that we have seen and several withdrawal methods with quick processing and payout times. It is a total package to say the least. Read more

Finding a safe and reliable sports betting website is easier than you think. Because Canada has fewer restrictions than other countries when it comes to online sportsbooks, a lot of sites are at your disposal. That isn’t to say that anything goes, because that is far from the case, but simply to say that there are a lot of options. You don’t have to settle and we don’t want you to settle.

The elements that we highlight and prioritize in our reviews for Canada sportsbooks are the things that we would look for. Your view may be a little bit different, but our goal is to give you a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons so that you can make the most informed decision possible.

This question comes up time and time again. The answer is yes sports betting is legal in Canada so long as you are legal age and are playing on Canadian lottery websites. However laws in Canada are severely outdated and betting on offshore sportsbooks licensed in places like Malta, UK etc is not considered illegal

What Is The Best Sports Betting Site In Canada?

We rank our top ten Canadian sports betting sites here, however we suggest having multiple accounts. Why because it is very important to get the best line available when betting on sports. It can increase your bankroll!

Sports Betting Canada By Province:

Aimez-vous parier sur le sport?

Do you like to bet on sports?

You are in luck if you live in the province of Quebec. The second most-populous province in Canada offers a variety of different sports betting options. This is a province crazy about its sports teams, like the Montreal Canadiens, the Montreal Alouettes, and the Montreal Impact. (Side note: Bring back the Expos! Bring back the Nordiques!)

Provincial betting is indeed available in thanks to the Société des loteries du Quebec, which is the act that opened the door for the Loto-Quebec to begin sports betting with the Mise-O-Jeu. While not a great option, it is there for Quebecers that want to bet on sports and don’t mind betting parlays.

On the plus side, there are great options out there. Use of online, or offshore, sportsbooks is not illegal in the province of Quebec. That means that the world is your oyster when it comes to sports wagering. You can legitimately bet anywhere that will take Canadian players.

Yes. In fact, as long as the sportsbook that you are betting with is licensed, then all forms of sports betting are legal. The catch is that single-game wagering is not allowed in Canada. Mise-O-Jeu runs through the provincial lottery in Quebec and is licensed and regulated by the provincial government, but forces users to bet parlays.

Offshore sportsbooks in Canada, Malta, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, and in other places around the world are legal for Canadian bettors.

Why Should I Use A Quebec Online Sportsbook Instead of Mise-O-Jeu?

The odds are much fairer with the online sportsbooks. Single-game wagering is forbidden in Canada, which means that you can only bet parlay tickets through the lottery. Parlays require at least two bets on each betting ticket. Those face long odds to win. Bettors get enamored with the chance to bet a little and win a lot, but the true odds of winning all of your games is much lower than the payout amount.

With the online sportsbooks, you can bet individual games and will also have a lot more options for prop betting and futures betting, especially at better odds. You can still bet parlays if you want, but the payouts will be a lot fairer.

Along with better odds and more options, the online sportsbooks will offer some that you cannot get from the provincial lottery. Generous sign-up bonuses and additional perks come with playing at the offshore sportsbooks. Some sign-up bonuses are even as much as a 100% match of your deposit.

There are a lot of sportsbooks that you can use, like Sports Interaction, which is actually based in Canada, and then places like BetOnline, Betway, and bet365. You have a lot of options and there are a lot of excellent opportunities if you sign up with any one or more of those sportsbooks.

Make sure that your money goes farther when you place your bets. With single-game wagering, you can go 4-1 out of five bets and make money. With the government’s parlay betting, you are just a loser unless you get all of them right. It is very important to do everything that you can to be profitable because betting on sports is a challenge. It becomes even more challenging if you bet into bad odds and don’t get a head start on your bankroll with a deposit bonus.

The province of Ontario has actually embraced sports betting for quite a while. A form of sports betting called Proline has been in use under the watchful eyes of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, more commonly known as OLG. The legal form of gambling focuses on parlays only, so you have to bet at least three games on every ticket.

Single-game wagering has not made it to Canada yet, but there are plenty of options available online for those that want to simplify their betting choices or gain access to more props and futures bets.

All of the Canadian provinces have allegiances to professional teams. While most of the country roots for the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors, provincial fandom may exclude the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Argonauts. NHL and CFL fans have plenty of additional options to root for that are closer to home. Sports and the passion for those teams runs really deep in the country and Ontario is certainly no exception.

The ability to make bets from the comfort of home while watching your favorite teams and sports is unparalleled. Unfortunately Proline does not allow you to bet unless you are at an approved OLG Proline retailer. You can enter your ticket on the app and then easily scan it when you get where you need to go, but you cannot make bets at home.

That is one of many reasons why so many Canadians bet online with sportsbooks licensed in Canada or in Malta. As the most populated province in Canada, Ontario makes up a lot of the betting handle for those sportsbooks.

Yes. Proline is one option, albeit a bad one. You can also use Proline at sportsbooks at places like Caesars Windsor, Fallsview Casino, and Casino Niagara.

However, betting at offshore sportsbooks is also technically legal. Betting with an unlicensed sportsbook is illegal in Ontario, but all of the online sportsbooks are licensed somewhere. Most of the ones that cater to Ontario and Canada as a whole are either licensed within the country or in Malta.

There are no provincial laws on the books that outlaw sports betting with an online sportsbook.

Why Should I Use A Ontario Online Sportsbook Instead of Proline?

There are several reasons why online sportsbooks are a far superior option to Proline. Because Proline is there and regulated by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission, far too many bettors are willing to accept their terms in order to bet. The online sportsbooks offer a lot of things that Proline cannot.

For starters, the online sportsbooks offer player-friendly sign-up and first deposit bonuses. They also offer additional promotions and bonuses all of the time.

Online sportsbooks also allow for single-game wagering. Imagine have a three-line parlay with Proline and you go 2-1 on your three picks. If you were betting with a regular sportsbook, you would turn a profit. If you are betting with Proline, you lost. You could go 5-1 with Proline and lose money. Single-game wagering is a much better bet with much greater odds of winning than the parlay wagering through Proline.

Proline’s odds are also not great for the player. You are almost always going to find better payouts on both single-game wagers and parlays by betting with the online sportsbooks.

You can bet from home. You can bet from your office. You can bet from that class you are barely paying attention in. With the online sportsbooks, all you have to do is go to the website or mobile-friendly page to place your bets. With Proline, you have to go to an approved lottery retailer to make your bet. That is extremely inconvenient. It is an archaic form of betting.

Bad odds, inconvenient practices, parlay requirements. Proline is a bad bet. Signing up with and depositing with an online sportsbook is the way to go if you live in Ontario.

Betting in British Columbia is a breeze. The best part is that British Columbians have a ton of options for getting their wagers in. Whether you want to bet on the Vancouver Canucks or the nearby Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Mariners, you can do it and do it rather easily and conveniently.

However, some options are definitely better than others. From Vancouver to Atlin and everywhere in between across the expansive province, fans of sports are also able to be bettors of sports.

Multiple sportsbooks are technically available for those that want to bet. Some users have opted for the PlayNow system through the British Columbia Lottery and Gaming Corporation. Unfortunately, as is the case across the country, the Criminal Code of Canada has a ban on single-game wagering. Therefore, all bets made through PlayNow have to be parlays.

Being forced to bet parlays can be particularly hurtful to your bottom line. That is why astute bettors skip over PlayNow and instead bet with online sportsbooks from around the world, some of which, like SIA (Sports Interaction) are even licensed in Canada on Indian land.

Like the rest of country, residents of British Columbia are rabid sports fans and love to show their support with some bets or simply want to make the games mean just a little bit more.

The Gaming Control Act from 2002 is the primary piece of law with regards to sports betting. It is not a restrictive document. It does ban the use of unlicensed sportsbooks, like local bookies, but the operative word is “unlicensed”. Sports betting sites from around the globe are licensed in various countries and there is nothing illegal about betting with those online sportsbooks.

Sportsbooks licensed everywhere from Malta to Canada to the Caribbean to Central America are all, by definition, licensed. Therefore, there are no laws against using those sportsbooks to place your bets. While British Columbia does have its PlayNow betting system, which runs through the BCLC, it is only legal for users 19 years of age and up. The online sportsbooks are just about all 18+, depending on the jurisdiction in which they are licensed.

Why Should I Use A British Columbia Online Sportsbook Instead of PlayNow?

Sure, PlayNow is an option. It may be more approachable for those in British Columbia, especially with retail retails like River Rock Casino Resort and Hard Rock Casino, but there are so many more advantages to betting at the online sportsbook sites.

Deposit bonuses are available to everybody that signs up. In some cases, those first deposit bonuses can be worth up to $1000 in free play or a match bonus. A match bonus means that you can instantly double your bankroll!

Additional bonus offers are always running as well. Daily and weekly bonuses across the sportsbook and also the casino games. Other places cannot offer what the online sportsbooks are able to offer and by signing up with those, you can enjoy and reap the benefits.

Furthermore, the online sportsbooks offer single-game wagering. Take the bonuses and the other perks out of the equation and single-game wagering is still worth it. The degree of difficulty in winning parlays gets lost on bettors that are blinded by betting a little to win a lot. If you win four out of five games in a traditional sportsbook, you are making money. If you win four out of five at something like PlayNow or Proline, you are a loser.

Between single-game wagering, bonus offers, the ability to bet from home or on the go with the utmost level of convenience, it should be extremely clear that online sportsbooks are the way to go.

The people in New Brunswick, Canada work hard. Lots of labor jobs employ people in the only officially bilingual province in Canada. Those that like to sit down at night and watch a game should put their feet up and do so with a nice, cold beer. Those that want to sit down at night and watch a game that they bet on should also have an opportunity to do that in an easier and more convenient way.

New Brunswick, like other provinces in Canada, has the Proline betting system, which is under the control of the New Brunswick Lotteries and Gaming Corporation, a division of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Unfortunately, parlay wagers are part of the requirement for betting with the government’s sportsbook. The high margins sought after by the ALC lead to really bad odds for the player.

Fortunately, New Brunswickers have options. Betting with online sportsbooks allows for single-game wagering and also the opportunity to bet from the comforts of home in a much easier way. The ALC does offer online sports betting through the Proline Stadium Portal, which is an upgrade to most of the provinces, but parlay betting is not the smartest use of resources.

As mentioned, the people of New Brunswick work really hard for their money. They’ve earned that money. When it comes to betting, the money should work hard for you and that means betting at places that are able to offer fairer odds and better business practices.

Yes. Proline in all of its forms through the ALC and NBLGC is one option, but the superior option is to bet online with sportsbooks licensed in Canada, Malta, and other places around the globe.

There are no laws on the books about betting with the offshore sportsbooks in other countries or those that operate solely online in Canada, like Sports Interaction.

Why Should I Use A New Brunswick Online Sportsbook Instead of Proline?

There are several advantages to betting with the online sportsbooks as opposed to Proline. One of the first is something that you will experience right away. The online sportsbooks offer generous sign up bonuses to create an account and then make a deposit. Proline cannot do that. In some instances, the bonuses can be up to a 100% match of your deposit amount. That will give your bankroll quite a head start.

Parlays have high hold percentages for the sports betting operators. Single-game wagering gives bettors a much greater chance at making money. With Proline, you could win three or four of your five bets and lose money. With single-game wagering, you could win three or four out of five and you would make money. That makes a huge difference. The margins on parlays are really high and you aren’t forced to bet those with online sportsbooks. The choice would be completely up to you.

While Proline in New Brunswick does offer an option to play from home, the online sportsbooks are just so much more user-friendly on mobile or computer. Not only that, but there are additional perks like online casinos or online poker that you can access that would not be available through the lottery.

In some respects, placing bets with something like Proline is more like gambling and putting money into online sportsbooks is more like investing. You’ll have more control over your money by not being forced to bet parlays. You will also have more betting options for props and futures and alternate spreads and totals. You can bet into fairer odds and give yourself a greater chance to win with single-game betting instead of having no margin for error with a parlay.

Online sportsbooks are a great option for punters in New Brunswick and those bonuses are something that you do not want to pass up.

Nova Scotians love to gamble. Sports betting, slot machines, table games, bingo. It doesn’t really matter. Gambling enthusiasts across the province are really good at finding ways to have fun with their money.

Are they getting the most for their money, though? Slot machines and table games are what they are and have the built-in edges, but sports bettors in Nova Scotia have two very distinct paths that they can follow. They can bet with bad odds and parlays with Proline from the Atlantic Lottery Corporation or they can bet with online sportsbooks across the globe for access to single-game wagering and much fairer odds.

From Halifax to Cape Breton and everywhere around and in between, residents of Nova Scotia have access to sports betting, but the two forms are very different. For a populace of people that are blue-collar to the core, it would be a real disservice not to make your money go as far as possible when it comes to betting on sports outcomes.

Better odds to back native sons Sidney Crosby and Nathan Mackinnon? Better odds to play your favorite NFL or CFL team? Better odds for betting soccer, MMA, tennis, and golf? That sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

For a country with residents that truly know the value of a dollar, it is imperative to know the value of a betting dollar.

It is, along with just about every other form of gambling that you could think of. There are two casinos in Nova Scotia and lots of charitable gaming facilities to play bingo. As far as sports betting, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation runs its idea of sports wagering called Proline, which has different variations like Proline Futures, Proline Fantasy, and Stadium Bets.

Unfortunately, Proline is very, very limited. The maximum bets for Stadium Bets are $250, while other forms range from $100 to $25. Proline also forces patrons to bet parlays because single-game wagering is outlawed in the Criminal Code of Canada.

Fortunately, betting with offshore sportsbooks is not illegal in Canada or in Nova Scotia. That means that you can bet with places like BetOnline, licensed in Malta, or Sports Interaction, licensed in Canada.

Use of unlicensed sportsbooks, such as a local bookie, is illegal in Nova Scotia, but all of the online sportsbooks are licensed somewhere.

Why Should I Use A Nova Scotia Online Sportsbook Instead of Proline?

The unfair odds and low betting limits with Proline are very hurtful to punters. Furthermore, because Canada has outlawed single-game wagering, all bets must be parlays. Parlays are extremely hard to win and are not a profitable long-term betting strategy.

If you bet with online sportsbooks, you will have access to single-game wagering. Imagine having a five-line parlay ticket. You win four bets and lose one. With single-game wagering, you would have made a rather nice profit for your efforts with wins on 80% of your bets. With Proline, you would simply be a loser.

Another clear benefit to betting with these offshore sportsbooks is that you gain access to potentially lucrative bonuses and promotions. All online sportsbooks give a first deposit bonus and some even match your deposit. That’s right; you double your bankroll right away without having to win any bets!

Promotions are always available for reload bonuses or special event bonuses. Plus, all of the online sportsbooks have casino games as well, so you can bet on everything from home. You don’t have to make that trip during that bad weather storm when you want to gamble. You can just do it from home.

The odds are also much fairer at online sportsbooks. Government-run sports betting often has high margins and bad odds. They have programs to fund. Online sportsbooks don’t. They make money on volume, rather than gouging bettors. As a result, you’ll get much better odds at the online sportsbooks than you ever would with Proline.

Fairer odds, sign-up bonuses, single-game wagering, convenience. Why wouldn’t you use online sportsbooks as a resident of Nova Scotia?

Here are the key factors in our evaluations of Canadian sportsbooks:

Fair Odds & Betting Options

Because you have a lot of different sportsbooks available to you, we want to ensure that you are getting signed up at a place that has fair odds and a lot of betting options. These days, posting spreads, money lines, and totals isn’t enough. Sportsbooks are fully aware that they need to have lots of props and futures listed across multiple sports markets.

Furthermore, just posting the major four North American leagues and the major US college sports aren’t enough. International markets and sports like golf, tennis, soccer, and UFC are widely bet and wildly popular these days. You want to sign up with a sportsbook that offers a diverse set of betting markets.

Also, you want those odds to be fair. You wouldn’t want to sign up at a sportsbook that uses a standard vig of -115 when you could be somewhere at -110 or maybe even with reduced juice. You don’t want to be at a place that has a 40% theoretical hold on a golf tournament when you could have 30%.

Most sportsbook review sites will gloss over those factors in hopes of just getting conversions. We pay attention to the details.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Getting your money in is generally pretty easy. The sportsbooks are happy to take it. Getting your money out can be a whole lot more difficult.

But, not all sportsbooks are created equal when it comes to deposits. Some offer a variety of deposit methods. Others may only offer a couple ways of getting your money in. Flexibility is important. If you want to use a debit card or credit card, just about every sportsbook will take those. Others will use different payment processors or Bitcoin, which give users more peace of mind.

When it comes to withdrawals, you generally aren’t requesting a payout for the fun of it. You want that money and you want it in a timely fashion. The top-rated sportsbooks will process withdrawal requests quickly and get the funds en route as soon as possible. Fees are also an important factor when it comes to withdrawals. You want to get as much of your payout as possible without a big chunk going to the fees.

Bonuses, Promotions, & Offers

Every Canadian sportsbook offers a deposit bonus. Some of them are better than others. We highlight all of them for you and stay in contact with the sportsbook operators so that we can offer the best possible deals to our readers.

But, what happens once you sign up? Do promotions and offers keep coming? Are they just happy to have your business and that’s that? We are always checking on daily and weekly promotions and offers, including sportsbooks with referral bonuses or lucrative reload deposit bonuses.

Some of the sportsbooks offer tournaments or handicapping contests. If those sportsbooks have a casino, you may get special promotions and bonus offers on certain games or blackjack tournaments. It is important to know that the sportsbook is happy to have you there and is willing to show that through additional offers.

Convenience & Appearance

Just like people, places, or things, some just look better than others. Appearance could be a big factor for you. Accessibility could be a big factor. Are the odds easy to read? Are the menus well-defined so that you can find what you are looking for? Are multiple languages offered?

Also, we’re in the third decade of the 21st century. Mobile betting is very much a thing. The site needs to have a mobile-friendly layout. The live betting interface needs to be crystal clear. In an industry with a lot of supply and a lot of demand, little things can make the difference between a sign up and somebody going somewhere else. Sportsbooks need to prioritize their looks.

Customer service needs to be available to handle any issues that arise. These things are all important.

Casino, Poker, Racebook

If you’re looking at our site, it is probably because you are most interested in sports betting. However, if a casino, a poker room, or a racebook are at the site you sign up with, you are probably going to get involved from time to time with those forms of gambling as well.

Online casinos primarily feature slot machines, but the best of the best will have a lot of different table game options. Most online casinos have expanded to include Live Dealer games that simulate an in-person casino experience and have that with blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and more.

Poker rooms can be tough to find with some of the top-rated sportsbooks these days, but that option is going to be available to you if it is something that you want.

Similarly, racebooks aren’t quite as prevalent as they used to be with a lot of betting sites specifically dedicated to horse racing, but those can be a great addition to any one-stop shop for all of your gaming needs.


So that’s what we do here. We look through all of these factors and then some in order to help you find the best sports betting sites in Canada and around the globe. It is important to know what matters the most to you and to consider those places accordingly.

Sign up is easy across the board for all of these places, but this is about so much more than creating an account. That is why we are here to help!