Soccer’s Cristiano Ronaldo is back to his bad-boy behavior once again. This time, he repeatedly displays that he has 5 titles to Atletico Madrid’s none, despite losing the match.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best soccer players in the world, although that doesn’t come with a nice-guy mentality. Frankly, he’s no stranger to being perceived as an arsehole. If you don’t remember, Ronaldo became infamous in the 2006 World Cup for theatrically causing Wayne Rooney to receive a red card, leading to Ronaldo’s Portugal emerging victorious. As if that wasn’t enough, he was caught winking to his bench after the whole performance.

He’s a generational soccer player without a doubt. Part of why many dislike him is out of envy. He is spectacularly skilled, found handsome with the ladies, and has quite a decorated resume to back up his ego. While his talent isn’t an excuse for his behavior, you can see why he might act that way. Some of the most brilliant people in the world are thought of as jerks.

It’s now 2019, and Ronaldo isn’t skipping a beat. This year marks his first with his new team, Juventus. In the midst of a 0-2 loss to Atletico Madrid in the first Leg of the Champions League, Ronaldo raised 5 fingers to represent the number of titles he’s won in response to boos from the crowd. If we remember, Ronaldo has in fact won two championship matches against Atletico Madrid (in 2014 and 2016), making extra bad blood between them.

Cristiano was struggling in the match, with his team unable to score any goals. This certainly was a cause of frustration with Ronaldo, as he once again mocked Atletico Madrid in the postgame presser. Rather than answering any questions, he simply put his five fingers up once again and reminded everyone of his five titles in comparison to Atletico Madrid’s zero.

Some might call him a poor sport, experts are calling him classless. In sports, you are supposed to show grace in victory and humility in defeat, but Ronaldo wasn’t having any humility, instead choosing to try and dish it back to Atletico Madrid. Ronaldo has won five titles, but last time anyone checked, soccer is a team game, and he can’t say he was solely responsible for all of them. As we all know though, if you possess greatness, fans will overlook shortcomings of behavior.

The next match for Juventus is Saturday, February 23rd against Bologna. That’ll be your next chance to see if Ronaldo’s got anything else to say. Coming off a disappoint loss to Atletico Madrid, look for Cristiano to turn it on and come back strong. Juventus will rematch Atletico Madrid on March 12th. Expect it to be a spicy game full of tension!


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