FanDuel Is Offering Several Interesting Props This Week

FanDuel Is Offering Several Interesting Props This Week

For some people, betting on the outcome of a game is enough for them. They don’t need to do anything crazy or outlandish. They are not interested in boosters and parlays or anything else. But then some want to bet on more compelling questions than just who is going to win.

Yes, it can be more exciting to watch a game when you have money riding on it. But why not place a bet that can make several games more entertaining?

Interested need to visit FanDuel and check out the slate of specials they are offering this week. The following is just a sample of the wagers being offered:

  • Each team scores at least one touchdown in the 1 PM, 4 PM, and 4:25 games +600

This sounds like an intriguing wager. But just about every week this season, there has been at least one team that failed to record a touchdown. With the lowly Bengals facing the Patriots defense, there is a substantial chance this will be another such week.

Pass on this one.

  • Christian McCaffrey & Saquon Barkley each have 1+ Rushing TDs & 1+ Receiving TDs +5000

McCaffrey has done it four times this season; Barkley has not and only did it twice last year. Against the Dolphins, there is a good chance Barkley could get it done, but it is going to be tougher for McCaffrey against the Seahawks—but not impossible.

It is unlikely but could be worth skipping your latte today.

  • 5+ TDs scored by Defense/ST in the 1pm Games +380

This season there have been at least five touchdowns scored by defenders during five weeks. So, this could happen. But the possibility of it should warrant better odds than this. Since the odds are only +380, pass on this one.

  • 50+ TDs scored in the 1pm Games +550

With eight games on the schedule, that means each game will need to account for at least six with a couple of overachievers to make up the difference. With the propensity some of these teams have for scoring, it is not hard to imagine this happening.

Don’t put a lot on this one, but if you do put anything on it, consider pairing it with the next one.

  • 35+ Points in each 1pm Game +500

Only one game failed to total 35 points last week, and it involved an underperforming Vikings team. But there has been at least one game every week this season that failed to record 35+ points. It is a longshot, so if you take it, pair it with something else so you can win more.

But at +500, it isn’t worth it.

  • Each Starting QB to have 250+ Passing Yards in the 4:05 PM & 4:25 PM Games +10000

You can probably count on Jimmy Garappolo, Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, Jared Goff, and Philip Rivers to record 250+. Kirk Cousins is probably safe, too. Kyler Murray and Baker Mayfield could go either way, and the same could be said for Derek Carr and Gardner Minshew.

At +10000, it is worth skipping your lattes for a while, but Gardner Minshew’s game is hard to call. The Raiders defense isn’t tough, but the Jaguars defense has been floundering lately.

The potential payout is worth a small bet, but only a small one.

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