Dereck Lively II Prop projections for Boston Celtics at Dallas Mavericks on Jun 12, 2024

Dereck Lively II Player Prop: Points

Points Prop Odds:

  • Points 7.5 over: 102
  • Points 7.5 under: -122

Trends Favoring The Over Points Prop

Out of all players in the league, Dereck Lively II rates in the 98th percentile for scoring efficiency while playing at home with a superb 70.7% rate this year.

The Mavericks check in as the 9th-highest scoring offense in the league this year.

Dereck Lively II has attempted 5.2 foul shots per game over the last 5 games while on his home court, 3.2 higher than he's attempted overall this season at home.

Dereck Lively II is expected to see a rise in performance for all stats due to enjoying the home court advantage in this matchup.

Trends Favoring The Under Points Prop

Dereck Lively II has attempted 0.0 three-pointers per game this year, putting him in the 5th percentile out of all players in the league.

Dereck Lively II has been called for 2.6 personal fouls per game this year, putting him among the highest-fouling players in the league (89th percentile).

The 4th-most sluggish pace-of-play team in the NBA over the last 20 games has been the Dallas Mavericks.

The Dallas Mavericks will likely see a decline in possessions in this game from competing against the least up-tempo pace-of-play road team in the league over the last 20 games (the Boston Celtics).

Offensive rebounds preserve possession and generate bonus opportunities for scoring and assists, but the Mavericks grade out 9thworst in in the NBA with just 10.0 offensive rebounds per game this year.

Dereck Lively II Points Prop Projection

Dereck Lively II is projected to have 6.8 Points in todays game.