Roansy Contreras projections, stats and prop bet odds for Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels on Jul 9, 2024

Roansy Contreras Player Prop Bet: Strikeouts

Strikeouts Prop Bet Odds:

  • Strikeouts 3.5 over: 105
  • Strikeouts 3.5 under: -140

Trends Favoring The Over Strikeouts Prop Bet

The #2 stadium in baseball for boosting strikeouts, per the leading projection system (THE BAT), is Angel Stadium.

Home field advantage generally bolsters pitcher metrics across the board, and Roansy Contreras will hold that advantage in today's game.

Trends Favoring The Under Strikeouts Prop Bet

The leading projection system (THE BAT X) expects Roansy Contreras to be on a bit of a short leash in today's game, projecting a maximum of 81 pitches.

Hot weather is strongly correlated with more offense (and fewer whiffs), and the weather forecast projects the 5th-hottest temperature on the slate at 82°.

With 6 hitters who bat from the opposite side in the opposing team's projected offense, Roansy Contreras will not have the upper hand while lacking the platoon advantage in most plate appearances today.

Roansy Contreras wasn't on when it came to striking hitters out in his previous outing and put up 1 Ks.

Roansy Contreras's slider usage has decreased by 13.5% from last season to this one (43.3% to 29.8%) .

Projection For Today's Roansy Contreras Strikeouts Prop Bet

Roansy Contreras is projected to have 3.4 Strikeouts in todays game.