James Paxton Prop projections for Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Dodgers on Jun 11, 2024

James Paxton Player Prop: Strikeouts

Strikeouts Prop Odds:

  • Strikeouts 3.5 over: -145
  • Strikeouts 3.5 under: 115

Trends Favoring The Over Strikeouts Prop

As far as temperature and humidity are concerned, the 4th-best pitching weather on the schedule is expected for this contest.

James Paxton has a large reverse platoon split and should be helped facing 8 opposite-handed hitters in this matchup.

James Paxton will hold the home field advantage today, which figures to bolster all of his stats in all categories.

James Paxton has been unlucky in regards to his strikeouts this year, putting up a 5.53 K/9 despite the leading projection system (THE BAT) estimating his true talent level to be 7.65 — a 2.12 K/9 discrepancy.

Trends Favoring The Under Strikeouts Prop

James Paxton's 92.8-mph velocity on his fastball this season is a notable 1.8-mph drop off from last year's 94.6-mph figure.

James Paxton's 2102-rpm spin rate on his fastball this year is a big 106-rpm decrease from last season's 2208-rpm figure.

James Paxton has used his four-seam fastball 6.7% more often this year (62.5%) than he did last season (55.8%).

Ranking in the 7th percentile, James Paxton compiled a 7.7% Swinging Strike rate this year.

Ranking in the 6th percentile, James Paxton has posted a 14.4% K% this year.

James Paxton Strikeouts Prop Projection

James Paxton is projected to have 4.6 Strikeouts in todays game.