Bryan Hoeing projections, stats and prop bet odds for Miami Marlins at Houston Astros on Jul 10, 2024

Bryan Hoeing Player Prop Bet: Strikeouts

Strikeouts Prop Bet Odds:

  • Strikeouts 2.5 over: -105
  • Strikeouts 2.5 under: -125

Trends Favoring The Over Strikeouts Prop Bet

Built just 20 feet above sea level, Minute Maid Park has one of the lowest elevations in the league, which generally leads to lower offensive output.

The Minute Maid Park roof is expected to be closed today, making weather conditions in this contest -7° colder than the average outdoor game on the schedule today — favorable for pitching.

Trends Favoring The Under Strikeouts Prop Bet

When assessing his strikeout skill, the leading projection system (THE BAT) places Bryan Hoeing in the 13th percentile among all SPs in the league.

The leading projection system (THE BAT X) expects Bryan Hoeing to be on a bit of a short leash today, projecting a maximum of 81 pitches.

Bryan Hoeing will be at a disadvantage playing on the visting team today.

Bryan Hoeing's 2056.4-rpm fastball spin rate since the start of last season grades out in the 13th percentile among all SPs.

Bryan Hoeing's high utilization percentage of his fastball (58.1% since the start of last season) is likely dampening his results, considering they are generally much less effective than breaking or off-speed pitches.

Projection For Today's Bryan Hoeing Strikeouts Prop Bet

Bryan Hoeing is projected to have 2.9 Strikeouts in todays game.