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Sports betting in Kenya continues to grow at a rapid pace. There are a lot of different ways to get bets down, including some sportsbooks that are licensed within Kenya. Gambling got its legal start in the country in 1966. The Act of Parliament Chapter 131 set up the framework for what would become the Betting and Licensing Board.

There are actually 30 licensed casinos in Kenya, 21 of which are in the capital of Nairobi. Along with casinos, there is one horse track and there are 12 licensed places that offer bingo. Of the 21 casinos in Nairobi, Casino Flamingo is the largest, with 15 table games, two poker tables, and 160 gaming machines.

There are also three sports betting parlors in Kenya. Sky City Casino, Joker’s Wild Casino, and Golden Palms Casino are the three locations with sports betting capabilities.

In 2011, the Betting Control and Licensing Board licensed “legitimate international online gambling operators” to start allowing Kenyan players to sign up. Kenyans were playing at the online sportsbooks and casinos in all likelihood anyway, but this made it legal for them to play at those websites.

Finding an approved sportsbook in Kenya can be a challenge. Back in 2011, the Betting Control and Licensing Board licensed “legitimate international online gambling operators” to allow Kenyan bettors to sign up. No sportsbook in the world is more legitimate than Betway.

An extensive collection of football betting odds will cater to punters of all shapes and sizes and all different bankrolls. It isn’t just soccer at Betway that is a draw, though. Betway also has odds on all of the major, and even most minor, global sports betting markets. Basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, wrestling, cricket, rugby, track and field, UFC, other MMA promotions, and hockey are all lined at Betway.

Sports betting in Kenya has been growing at a rapid pace over the last decade and a lot of it has to do with the influx of people signing up with an industry-leading sportsbook licensed to operate safely and securely all over the world. That place is Betway. Read Full Review

Kenyan sports bettors, as you would expect, bet a lot on sports like soccer, cricket, track and field, and mixed martial arts, but many Kenyans are big fans of North American sports leagues like the NBA, MLB, and NFL. Soccer is the most popular sports betting market to say the least, but there are still a lot of options for those that follow a variety of sports.

About half of the country is said to have internet access and sports betting continues to grow with additional opportunities for Kenyans to get online and sign up for a variety of different sportsbooks. As mobile capabilities improve, more bettors will be able to bet from their smartphones as well.

Kenya has a 35% flat tax on all gaming revenues for the establishments, which is pretty high, which is why the online sportsbooks are likely to be a better option. With much lower tax rates, their odds don’t have the same margins built into them.

Sports betting is completely legal, both with the sportsbooks licensed in Kenya and those licensed in countries all over the world.

Along with playing right in the country at the three approved sports betting parlors, Kenyans like to play at places like Betway. Other sportsbooks are available, including 888sport, Pinnacle, Intertops, and others, but Betway seems to be the most popular among the bettors that make nearly $75 million USD worth of wagers across the country.

Credit card, Visa and Mastercard, specifically, are the usual deposit methods for Kenyans. M-Pesa is a local money transfer service that is popular with the Kenyan sportsbooks. Skrill, Neteller, and other online payment processors can also be used, as well as bank wires and bank transfers.

Withdrawals are typically going to be done using the same method that processed the deposit, but there are some other options as well.

Kenyans that sign up for online sportsbooks will be eligible for the same sign-up bonuses and promotions as everybody else. Be sure to seek out the offers that we have from our partnerships with approved sportsbooks for Kenyan bettors.

Once you have an account, you will also be able to enjoy the additional perks, benefits, and bonuses like reload bonuses, and then daily and weekly promotions.

It may not be the most traditional of sports betting markets, but Kenyans love to bet. They’ll bet a lot of football, especially the kind where you can’t use your hands, and really enjoy all forms of gambling. There are a lot of options for Kenyans with licensed sportsbooks across the globe, including places like Betway.