Odds On Daniel Jones Starting Week 1 For the New York Giants

Odds On Daniel Jones Starting Week 1 For the New York Giants

When the New York Giants took a quarterback with the No. 6 pick in the draft, many assumed that the door was being closed on Eli Manning. The Giants have been terrible in recent years, Eli Manning hasn’t been very good, and he certainly isn’t getting any younger, either.

It is time for him to go. Many fans and experts have been saying as much the last couple of years. But the Giants keep rolling with Eli; at least this year they drafted a quarterback that could be a worthy successor. The question now is when the team will actually have him play.


Many are hoping that it could be as early as Week One of this season. But oddsmakers at offshore sportsbooks are not confident that it could happen. According to BetOnline.ag, Jones is a bit of a longshot to win the starting job to start the 2019 season:

  • NY Giants starting QB in Week 1 of 2019 reg. season

o Eli Manning       -1500

o Daniel Jones      +700

That translates into a 93.75 percent chance Manning is going to start in Week One and a 12.5 percent chance Jones is the starter. With odds like that, it seems like there really isn’t much of a chance the Giants will make a switch; at least not by the start of the regular season.

When you consider that the Giants have already named Manning the starter and erasing any chance of a quarterback competition, the odds make sense. If there is no competition, well, then, of course, Manning is going to start, and the odds should be slanted in his favor.

But since you can never tell what is going to happen, giving Jones a small shot is fair.

However, when it comes to placing a wager, what should you do? Is there even a remote chance that Jones could start in Week One?

Of course, there is. It seems like almost every preseason sees at least one quarterback go down. Should that guy be the 38 year-old Manning, anyone that bet on Jones would win big. But teams also tend to hold guys like Manning out of preseason games so as not to risk injury in a meaningless game.

If Eli doesn’t play, he can’t get injured, and there goes the best chance Jones has of starting in Week One.

Then again, even though the Giants say there isn’t a QB competition, they could still have one. It would be unrealistic to expect the coaching staff not to be aware of how well Jones is doing during training camp relative to Manning.

If Jones should happen to play better or at least well enough to warrant demoting Manning, then they’ll probably make the switch.

So—is the possibility enough of a reason to warrant putting some money down on Jones to start?

No, but at -1500, you would have to wager a small fortune just to win some pocket change. Who wants to do that? There is no sense in putting money down on Manning to win the job. But it wouldn’t be a bad to put a little something down on Jones (just in case).

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