NFL Week 6 Prop Bet Picks

NFL Week 6 Prop Bet Picks

Week Six of the NFL is loaded with great games all over the board, but some of the lines are pretty tricky to figure out this week. However, there are plenty of prop bets on the board so that you can get in on the action on quite a few of the big games. I personally am a fan of taking prop bets involving total TDs scored and total points scored for a single team, but there are also good lines out there for TD scorers, first TD scorer and individual player total yards accumulated.

Below are my three best bets prop bets for Week Six of the NFL. All lines are from FanDuel Sportsbook as of Friday October 11th.

Over Six TDs Scored (-108): Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals

These two teams cannot stop anyone and I certainly don’t see them stopping each other on Sunday. In five games the Falcons point totals have been 40, 44, 51, 34 and 85m while the Cardinals totals have been 54, 40, 58, 37 and 49. There will be at least 50 combined points scored in this one, so over six TDs is a good play in this one.

Tennessee Titans under 20 points scored (-112): Tennessee Titans @ Denver Broncos

Besides for an opening day 43 points scored, the Tennessee Titans offense has been abysmal. The Tians have failed to score 20 points in three of their games and have been under 10 points in two of those three. At home, the Broncos have given up 16 points to the Bears and 26 points to the Jags, both of which have better offenses then this Titan’s team right now. Coming off a great defensive performance against the Chargers I think the Broncos hold this Titans offense down all game, so under 20 points scored by the Titans is a good play here.

New Orleans Saints over 20.5 points scored (-112): New Orleans Saints @ Jacksonville Jaguars

It looks like the New Orleans Saints have figured out how to tailor their offense around QB Teddy Bridgewater and I expect that to continue against an up and down Jaguars defense. Bridgewater has now started three straight games and has put up 33, in Seattle, and 31 at home against the Bucs. There was a 12 point Sunday night performance mixed in, but that was a weird game all around. The Jags defense has given up 34 points, to the Panthers, and 26 points, to the Broncos, in their last two games and neither of those offenses have the weapons that the Saints do. New Orleans over 20.5 points scored is the play in this one.

YTD NFL Results: 13-14

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