Sports fans in the New England area have had it good in recent years. The Patriots have been the kings of the NFL for years. The Boston Red Sox are the defending World Series champions, and the Celtics are one of the better teams in the NBA. It looks like fans in Los Angeles could be in the same boat this year.

The Dodgers are one of the best teams in baseball. The Clippers and Lakers are considered frontrunners to win the NBA title, and the Rams made it to the Super Bowl last year.

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It’s the dream of every sports fan to have a championship team in most of the major sports their city has a team for. For most cities, the notion is nothing more than a dream. But this year, it is quite possible that the dream could become a reality for fans in Los Angeles.

According to the odds posted at, an LA-based team has a good chance of winning the championship in MLB, the NBA, and the NFL:

  • 2019 World Series Winner

o Houston Astros              +221

o Los Angeles Dodgers   +275

o New York Yankees       +550

o Atlanta Braves               +900

o Chicago Cubs                  +1600

  • 2019-20 NBA Championship winner

o Los Angeles Clippers    +300

o Milwaukee Bucks          +450

o Los Angeles Lakers       +500

o Philadelphia 76ers        +650

o Houston Rockets           +1000

  • Super Bowl LIV winner

o New England Patriots +650

o Kansas City Chiefs         +700

o New Orleans Saints      +900

o Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Rams    +1100

There is a real chance that the City of Los Angeles could be the home of the champions for three of the four major North American sports leagues this year. For those that are feeling really confident about the possibility, is offering a special wager:

  • LA Teams to Win World Series, NFL Championship, and NBA Championship in 2019/20 +6600

Not bad, right? That would make for an incredible payout without having to bet much. But is there really much of a likelihood that it could happen?

Cities have been home to multiple champions during a calendar year before; 17 times since 1927. But of those 17, there has only been one occurrence where a city was home to the champion of three leagues. That lucky location was Detroit back in 1935 when the Lions were NFL champs, the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup, and the Tigers won the World Series.

No city has ever been home to the champs of the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Philadelphia had a shot at all four major sports (NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL), but they only won one.

So, should they accomplish the feat, it would be historic. But is there a reasonable expectation that it could happen?

The Dodgers do have a good shot but will likely face some tough competition in the Houston Astros. Either the Lakers or Clippers are expected to win the NBA title next year, but the Bucks, 76ers, and Rockets may have something to say about that.

As for the Rams and the Super Bowl, with there being so much uncertainty surrounding Todd Gurley, it is hard to see the Rams making it back to the Big Game this year.

Does that mean don’t put any money down? Not exactly.

It will probably not happen, so you don’t want to bet the house—or even the outhouse. But the possibility is worth skipping a few trips to Starbucks and putting $20 down.