Big Plans for Trade Show on Sports Betting April 23-25, Betting on Sports America

Big Plans for Trade Show on Sports Betting April 23-25, Betting on Sports America

A convention occuring later this month in New York will be huge for the realm of sports betting. Some of the most important and influential figures from several different professional leagues will be present and giving talks. All of this will be great for the progression of legalized sports betting, here’s what this event will entail!

Sports Betting Community (SBC) Events is hosting a huge convention between April 23-25, marketed as “The Largest Dedicated Sports Betting Trade Show in the US.” This event is entirely focused on sports betting, and will feature many key speakers as part of the agenda.

Betting on Sports America will have 175 important speakers from a variety of backgrounds. There are representatives from sports betting companies, like Joseph Asher, CEO of William Hill US, and Scott Butera, President of Interactive Gaming at MGM Resorts.

The schedule will also feature former sports legends like Ryan Howard from the MLB and Brian Westbrook from the NFL. Nearly every professional sport and key sportsbook operator will have some sort of presence at the event, as the SBC has become one of the most-recognized groups when it comes to discussing sports betting.

Betting on Sports America has an agenda that will look at regulations for betting, trading & operations, marketing & sponsorship, sports & betting, states of the nation, and demystifying sports betting. There will also be masterclasses available on sports betting and affiliate marketing. Networking opportunities will be aplenty, as this is the premier spot to go for any knowledge regarding trends in sports betting and regulation.

Since the overturning of the sports betting ban last year, a convention such as this one has become necessary for sportsbook operators and sports teams to work together to come up with a sustainable solution for all parties. This allows key players from each side to share information and help the process of legalization move along.

Something like this was almost inevitable, but the sheer size and volume of Betting on Sports America is just massive. There will be three different conference rooms that will display more than 40 sessions of speaking. There will be more than 1500 important figures within the sports and betting industry here this April, making it an excellent time to learn more about sports

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